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Gnutti Carlo USA

The Gnutti Carlo USA foundry is a modern, high volume ductile and grey iron foundry which produces precise castings to ASTM and SAE standards.

  • Machining facility on site to supply any of your machining needs  

  • We can provide heat treating and austempering if required

  • We can "trim" castings as an alternative to grinding

  • We can provide a quote from prints or models

Gnutti Carlo USA produces Supports, Rocker Arms, Followers, Camshaft Thrust Plates, Brackets, and Exhaust flanges as well as other parts for OEM manufacturers.

Customers include Caterpillar, Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and Detroit Diesel.

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Shelco is ISO/TS16949:2002 Certified.

Gnutti Carlo USA produces castings in a wide range of sizes and shapes; its specialty is castings weighing less than 4 pounds.

We pride ourselves in tight chemistry, temperature, and iron controls.  

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